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Strategic Architecture and Consulting

We stand ready to put our extensive experience to use, helping our clients go from a product or project idea to a concrete plan of action. We can assist with feasibility studies, research, and requirements engineering, and can provide our clients with clear courses of action delineating what should be made and how it is best to go about making it.

Our speciality is determining whether a cutting-edge idea is even possible and what new breakthroughs might be needed to make sure it is possible.


Rapid Prototype Design and Development

Sometimes a study cannot answer all questions one might have about a prospective software product and seeing it in operation to some extent is needed.

At these times, we offer our clients exceptionally quick development of reduced-functionality, experimental versions of software which can, depending on the area focused on, reveal crucial information about the UI/UX of the final product, or test the limits and capabilities of a crucial underlying piece of technology or component of infrastructure.

Custom Software Development and Integration

We can offer clients the full gamut of our services through custom software design—provided with nothing more than a project brief we are capable of doing all the work necessary to put it into production as an effective, efficient, secure, and reliable software system either standing alone or integrated into the client’s already existing solutions.


Innovation Workshops

The work of innovation is challenging and at times, an outside perspective can be of great help. We stand ready to provide this perspective to our clients. When an innovative solution is needed, we can assist with its creation by Senioring an innovation workshop: a few of our senior staff with extensive experience in the practice of discovery can meet with a client’s team and help guide them towards more innovative thinking or provide key insight at the right moment. This insight might be related to a crucial underlying technology, a methodology of development, or be an insight on how the fundamental business processes can be changed, organized, or automated.

Education and Training Workshops

Our company profile draws heavily from academia—three of our staff are university professors, and several more doctoral candidates with extensive experience assisting in university courses—and as a result, we are adept at education and training.

We offer our clients our vast experience in teaching courses and Senioring workshops meant to teach either cutting-edge technologies or the praxis of innovation itself—teaching hard-won lessons from the nexus of art, science, and engineering that forms the core of contemporary innovation in technology.