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RealMarket develops an integrated ecosystem of fintech and regtech products which seeks to unlock the potential of the programmable economy.


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Our products, encompassing equity crowdfunding, a private equity secondary market, a cap table management solution, and a complete suite of tools to support corporate governance, voting, and regulation compliance seeks to allow every company to be IPO-ready from its very inception.

Equity Crowdfunding

The RealMarket equity crowdfunding platform uses next-generation permissioned private blockchain to reduce costs, decrease transaction time, and allow every participant to enter into the trade with all necessary information, while at the same time ensuring full compliance and reducing the amount of red tape and regulatory friction.

Private Equity Secondary Market

A well-functioning, liquid, and secure private equity market has long been a dream in the world of finance—such a market would increase private equity liquidity, increase investor confidence, and usher forth an unprecedented boom in investment in highly innovative companies. With RealMarket's secondary market solution, this dream is now closer to reality than ever before. Featuring up to 80% cost reduction, automated blockchain-backed regulatory compliance, and AI-driven market manipulation detection and prevention, it seeks no less than to change the way we trade equity forever.

Capitalization Table Management

An up-to-date cap table is vital for trading: for the investor it helps them know what they are getting into, with the owner it is a powerful financial forecaster helping them steer their company closer to profitability and to liquidity events, and for the regulator it provides vital information regarding taxation and compliance. The RealMarket cap table management solution provides for the needs of all these users making sure data integrity and privacy is respected and ensuring automated regulatory compliance.

Corporate Governance Management

Providing a quality of reporting close to that of a public company but without any of the hassle, RealMarket's corporate governance support software tracks vital votes, collects data on importan internal milestones, and allows for automated enforcement of company-internal regulations as easily as government-mandated ones.

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