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RealMarket empowers and inspires change by allowing entrepreneurs, visionaries, and those committed to change to focus on what they do best instead of the daily grind of early-stage funding.


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Equity Crowdfunding

RealMarket crowdfunding platform, built using the permissioned blockchain technology, allows startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with accurate cap tables and financial track records to raise funds and give investors new access to shares of their choice in the next generation of successful businesses.

Private Equity Secondary Market

Private market allows shareholders in startups and SMEs to sell shares to other investors thus improving liquidity. Distributed ledger technology performs legal contracts as smart contracts and records always up-to-date shareholder ledgers seamlessly.

Capitalization Table Management

Always accurate cap table is an important advantage of using the RealMarket cap table manager since this is a prerequisite for efficient and regulation-compliant trading. All trades performed within the RealMarket system automatically update the cap table and generate corresponding documents required by authorities.

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Strategic Architecture and Consulting

We stand ready to put our extensive experience to use, helping our clients go from a product or project idea to a concrete plan of action.

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Rapid Prototype Design and Development

Sometimes a study cannot answer all questions one might have about a prospective software product and seeing it in operation to some extent is needed.

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Custom Software Development and Integration

We can offer clients the full gamut of our services through custom software design.

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Innovation Workshops

The work of innovation is challenging and at times, an outside perspective can be of great help. We stand ready to provide this perspective to our clients.

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Education and Training Workshops

Heavily Our company profile draws he from academia—three of our staff are university professors, and several more doctoral candidates with extensive experience assisting in university courses.

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