Unlocking the potential of the programmable economy

RealMarket is developing solutions to facilitate the efficient matching of ideas with capital, enable “trustless” collaboration, and simplify the exchange of value and assets.

The RealMarket engine

The RealMarket engine is a comprehensive suite of services that solve existing inefficiencies in project governance, organization management, and regulatory compliance. Its purpose is to inject transparency, traceability, data integrity, and accountability into any collaborative venture.



Recents news

  • Aug 23

Co-founder of RealMarket to Teach First Hyperledger University Course in Europe.

The first Hyperledger blockchain university course in Europe will be offered by the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

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  • 15 Oct

RealMarket joins European Crowdfunding Network

ECN aims at innovating, representing and protecting the European crowdfunding industry as a key aspect of innovation within alternative finance and financial technology.

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  • 15 Oct

Why is Equity crowdfunding the future of Europe's economic growth?

Alternative financing is is the key to helping more startups raise capital in the crucial phase of their development, to commercialize innovation, and create jobs.

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