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RealMarket is developing solutions to facilitate the efficient matching of ideas with capital, enable “trustless” collaboration, and simplify the exchange of value and assets.

The RealMarket engine

The RealMarket engine is a comprehensive suite of services that solve existing inefficiencies in project governance, organization management, and regulatory compliance. Its purpose is to inject transparency, traceability, data integrity, and accountability into any collaborative venture.


Milestone management for tranche funding

Tranche funding can work wonders to make teams stick to schedules and pursue performance targets with single-minded focus. Well-defined milestones provide the carrots and sticks that make teams tick.

RealMarket's milestone management service is based on private blockchain smart contracts, ensuring data integrity, transparency, and traceability for all stakeholders.

Voting system for project governance

When the stakes are high, voters are many, and the rules hard to follow, tallying up the yays and nays in a reliable way becomes an organizational nightmare.

RealMarket's voting system is designed to handle even the most difficult use cases. Create a voting scheme once, and the system will automatically execute it every time. Assign different weights to different voters or allow voters to cede their rights to representatives. Everything is tracked through smart contracts, making voting outcomes indisputable and automatically enforceable.


When it comes to markets, it used to be either a lot of red tape, or a complete Wild West. But now, we have the technology to maintain markets that are fair, transparent, and liquid -- without the burden of bureaucracy that goes with it.

RealMarket’s electronic trading system is built to have strong surveillance capabilities and to automate disclosure and reporting processes. All transactions are stored and verified on a permissioned blockchain accessible to regulators. It’s the technology that can democratize investment and bring the gains of trading tomicro-investors and early-stage entrepreneurs.

Document management

Filling systems for sensitive documentation are a must-have for managing large scale collaboration. When all actions related to the storing and retrieval of data are verifiable and traceable, it leaves room for only one version of the truth -- transparent and undeniable.

RealMarket’s documentation management system guarantees data integrity. Digitally signed documents are stored on an immutable distributed ledger. Permissioned access means that non-public data is kept secret while allowing authorized supervisors easy accessibility.

Organization Management

Designing org charts is one thing. Making sure that people act accordingly is another. The division of roles and responsibilities and the appropriate implementation of access and approval credentials becomes exponentially more complex as organizations grow.

RealMarket's organization management system allows its operators to manage a large number of users within and across organizations. The system integrates with other RealMarket services to log user actions on an immutable ledger, keeping a permanent auditable record.

Project Templates

Effective executives understand that trying to reinvent the wheel is a sure way to fail. Instead, it's better to rely on domain expertise and established good practices. A rich repository of Project Templates applicable for different domains, industries, and markets can help.

RealMarket's Project Template service is a business operations planning tool. Domain experts can use it to specify the relevant criteria they look for in a project. Executive teams can use the specifications as a guide for execution. It also helps set expectations and monitor progress.

Digital signatures

A reliable, time-stamped, digital signature service is the backbone of any system that needs to manage the exchange of sensitive assets and information.

RealMarket's signature service stores results on a blockchain, depicting when and who signed the provided payload or document. The service is based on a multisig approach that generates keys offline, while the end-user signs documents with the help of a simple mobile app.


Escrow services typically depend on a reliable third party to mediate between two or more transacting parties. Blockchain can make that third party reliable beyond dispute.

RealMarket's Escrow service can disburse assets based on rules stipulated in self-executing smart contracts. This approach guarantees the integrity of the escrow for all participants and mediators. Users can track, vote, and verify all transactions in a fully transparent and auditable way.

Secondary market

An online secondary market makes crowdfunding investments more liquid.

RealMarket’s Secondary Market tackles the specific demands of equity and loan crowdfunding platforms for more liquidity, better investor protection, and market surveillance capabilities. At the same time, it provides a seamless user experience expected from modern trading platforms, including support for real-time money and ownership transfers.

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